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 Security and Automation

Security has become the foremost focus and need of most organizations. However, such organizations feel the lack of intellect and capability to address their security needs. In any IP network, almost every device starting from firewalls to servers generates logs of the traffic it carries, the transactions it makes and the activities it conducts. This data is vital to secure the enterprise network. But monitoring thousands of devices, where each device produces thousands of events, every second of a day can be a mammoth task.

An important driver of outsourcing security services is to meet regulatory and compliance requirements and to reduce cost, especially in the current environment of highly constrained security budgets where it is almost difficult for organizations to defend themselves against emerging threats and at the same time maintaining the business continuity.
Advantages with Tekflair's service offerings

  • ROI
  • Accountability & User Privacy
  • Enhanced User Experience, Productivity and Empowerment
  • IT & Information Management efficiency
  • Enables business flexibility and agility for acquisitions, divestitures and new business models
  • Deliver clearer, deeper analytics
Engagement Models

  • Offshore Development
  • End to End Implementation (Onsite/Offshore/Hybrid)– Product selection, Architecture Review, Implementation and Support
  • 24x7 Remote Support services
Products & Platforms

  • Microsoft
  • Sun
  • Oracle
  • Novell
  • CA
Some of our focus areas of Security & Automation are

  • Remote Security Solutions
  • Access & Identity Management
  • Device Management Services
  • Endpoint Security
  • Network Security
  • Command Centre
  • Asset Management
  • IT & Network Audit Services
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention Services