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 Enterprise Testing

REACT (Responsive Enterprise Application for Comprehensive Testing)
REACT is a progressive evolution based on Analysis and Design sessions spanning thousands of man-hours eventually giving birth to Tekflair`s proprietary testing methodology . After scores of testing successful implementations, Tekflair ventured to cement testing voids that evidently persist in the international market.

REACT is a loosely coupled architecture catering mainly to the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance domains worldwide, containing flexible templates for any banking or financial operation. Unlike other domains, Banking and Financial Services operations are very sensitive in terms of impact and performance. In order for adherence to every SLA level, Tekflair Quality Assurance has ensured that REACT captures metrics in every possible manner for in-depth analysis.
REACT methodology consists of the following phases:
  • Preliminary Assessment
  • Complexity Assessment
  • Capture and Consolidate inventory
  • Complete Assessment Matrix
  • Analyse and Design Test Path
  • Finalize Test Path
  • Configure Scheduler
  • Configure Solution Specific Test Cases
  • Configure Dashboard
  • Configure KPI Checkpoints
Based on the above assessment protocols, the following test paths can be adopted
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • End - End Testing
  • Enterprise Testing