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 Business Intelligence for Industries

Business Intelligence for Industries
BI for Financial Services

Industry specific blue print covering retail banking, business banking, risk management, insurance and securities. Analytical Templates Segmentation Analysis, Product Cubes ? Cross Sell Analysis, Maturity Date, Product Summary Analysis, Percentile Analysis, Transaction cubes ? Channel usage analysis, channel capacity analysis, branch analysis, ATM analysis, Profitability Analysis.
BI for Retail

Industry specific blue print covering Merchandising, Inventory, Item & Price, POS, Store Administration, CRM, Sales and Productivity Reporting, Order, Work Force Management Analytical Templates covering membership programs, member shopping behavior, product development, vendor receipts, inventory, channels, SCM, etc
BI for Telcommunication

Industry specific blue print covering Post Paid, Pre Paid, 3G, Wi Max, Mobile Number Portability, Fixed Line Analytical Templates including churn models, fraud models, segmentation, Models, advanced analytical models etc.