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 Tekflair Methodology

The primary reason behind the successful operations at Tekflair has been a convincing working model. The special aspect of this model is that it is robust yet scalable. This aids in ensuring that every client is dealt with uniquely and their specific needs are catered to.

Tekflair adheres to a composite 4 stage process in its offerings –
1. Analysis ->>> 2. Match&Plan ->>> 3. Delivery ->>> 4. Retention
This phase involves understanding the requirement and the role needs. We diligently meet up with the project leads to ge to the core of the requirement and understand it better.
This is a very critical phase to Tekflair and the clients and hence we ensure that there is no room for any ambiguity to creep in. We Pre-screen and line up selected candidates, follow up on them and once we receive a confirmation we proceed with work order processing and get the clients on board.
Match & Plan
Tekflair has an automated growing database of qualified professionals. The outcome of the analysis phase is matched with our database and the resources matching requirements are brought up. This further helps us in planning logistics required for the assignment.
During the association with the client, we have a constant interaction with the client to avoid disconnects. We understand the value of a resource who fits the requirement and also outperforms in the assignment. We ensure that such candidates are retained.

We also have Timesheet and Billing management and thorough documentation of all the processes and provide backfill whenever needed.