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Tekflair Group was formed with the objective of providing a plethora of technology services under one roof. The goal was and remains in building a brand name with high credentials and integrity, across various services that the search by a customer for high quality partner for solutions or services will begin and end with Tekflair.

Tekflair offers a wide range of services including Software Consulting, Solutions, Development, Systems Integration, Security Solutions, Resourcing, and HR services. Our presence spans 3 continents and many cities in India. We achieve our objectives through committed efforts directed towards our clients, employees, vendors, society and thus becoming a niche software services provider in our chosen market.

We offer our clients the benefits of premium competencies and delivery, a time-to-market advantage and scalability in all our solutions and services.

An experienced management team ensures that the deliverables to the customer are of consistent international standards, adopting best practices. Our business model, from the delivery perspective, is flexible, scalable and completely customized to our customers.

To ensure success of this model, we have not only brought highly skilled and qualified experts on various focus areas from the industry, but also been blessed with an Advisory Team that has on its panel, leaders and top management executives from various Industries such as Banking, Manufacturing, Information Technology etc.

Who We are:
A team of enthusiasts infused with commitment, vision and a drive to excel. Tekflair is a highly focused, multi faceted services company. Tekflair was established in 2003 with a commitment to provide appropriate and optimum solutions and enable maximum growth to our clients.

Tekflair has expanded its presence across 3 continents and many cities in India providing a great value addition and timely support and service to our customers across the globe.

We provide an extensive range of services for domestic and multi-national companies. . Consistently rated among the top 10 service providers in India by Fortune 100 companies, the experienced management team at Tekflair ensures that the deliverable to the customer are of consistent international standards, adopting best practices.

The leadership team comprises of highly qualified and experienced executives who have held project management and executive management positions in the past. This team is ably supported and guided by the Advisory Council, which is formed by top executives from various industries.